30 Gifts For Soccer Players & Soccer Fans (2022)

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Amateur and professional leagues are present in almost 200 countries and over one billion fans tuned into the 2018 World Cup Final.

That means there is a huge market for gifts for soccer players and gifts for soccer fans.

Purchasing soccer gifts can be a tricky business if you don’t the sport that well. Gifts can relate to a team a person supports or be practical for players and coaches.

This article helps you with refining your gift search to find the best gift ideas for soccer players and soccer lovers.

1. Soccer Jerseys

Editor’s Choice

Soccer Jersey

One of the best soccer gift ideas is buying a soccer jersey. Jerseys for all well-known professional teams can be purchased easily online.

Whether you want to buy for a Manchester United or Real Madrid fan, buying a genuine soccer jersey is always desired by a die-hard soccer fan – just make sure you get the right team.

Also, try to make sure you buy it with the recipient’s favorite player’s name and number on the back. For example, “Ronaldo 7” if you’re buying a Manchester United jersey.

Even better, you may want to get it customized with the name of the recipient.

2. Adidas Trio Pro Soccer Ball


Adidas Trio Pro Soccer Ball

For game day or practice, one ball fits all. The Adidas Pro Soccer ball meets the FIFA Quality Pro Standards making the perfect soccer gift idea.

The cover is 100% polyurethane and is made with thermally bonded seamless construction. The bladder is made of butyl for better air retention.

3. PUGG Pair of Pop-Up Soccer Goals

Pugg Soccer Goals

If it is warm out and you get the urge to play soccer with your friend, all you need is a ball and a pair of PUGG goals.

PUGG Soccer Goals allows you to play soccer anywhere, anytime, and is also great for backyard fun or small-sided training. When folded into a carry bag, a set of two goals is only 2 inches flat.

4. Football Flick Urban Trainer

Football Flick Urban Trainer

This three-dimensional Soccer Skills Trainer is one of the best gifts for soccer lovers as it adds a dynamic to the game.

To test your soccer game, the bold design allows you to pass the soccer ball to the ramp and receive it at different angles and heights. This trainer can develop your core soccer skills by up to 73%.

It uses the front curved ramp, central target net, or rear rebounder to improve your soccer skills such as passing, control, volleying, touch, and ball technique.

It is easy to build and fold away and it comes with a carry pack for easy transportation and storage.

5. Adidas Stadium II Backpack

Budget Friendly

Adidas Stadium Soccer Backpack

The Adidas Stadium II Backpack is a budget-friendly soccer gift.

This backpack is designed for players as it features a FreshPAK soccer cleat compartment that is well ventilated, a mesh valuables pocket, and a zippered soccer ball pocket that also works as a laundry compartment.

The ClimaProof base protects your gear from a wet field while the UltraRIDE shoulder straps have additional padding for ultimate comfort.

6. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Soccer Cleats

These Ground Soccer Cleats are part of the new Nike Mercurial Blueprint Pack that are constructed using a minimum number of materials as possible to ensure that you play lights out for 90 minutes. This is one of the best gifts for soccer players.

The stripped-down Flyknit upper provides a distraction-free feel while minimizing weight in the process. The forefoot has a new speed band that keeps you locked in and ready for speed.

The ‘Avail Q’ lining is added to the tactile surface across the upper to provide better control of the ball when speeding.

The NikeGrip technology on the insole prevents your foot from sliding while the interior hell cushioning ensures comfort throughout the game.

The Nike Aerotrak 2 soleplate has grooves that are specifically designed for explosive acceleration as it is all about speed.

The Chevron studs offer multi directional traction at an instant for quicker cuts at high speed when playing on firm ground surfaces.

7. ICE20 Ice Therapy Ankle Compression Wrap

The ICE20 Ankle Compression Wrap stays in place and is made for mobility and comfort.

It comes with a durable storage bag or mesh carry and two 9-inch refillable ICE20 bags. This wrap fits the right or left ankle, calf, shin, or small knee.

The ICE20 Ankle Wrap is made of the highest quality neoprene that is latex-free and has Velcro Straps that are adjustable for comfortable, form-fitting therapy.

The no-leak ice bag is removable and refillable with an easy-open cap. The ice bag has a pleated fabric design enabling it to contour around any body part.

8. Adidas Defender IV Duffel Bag

Adidas Defender Duffel Bag is the perfect bag for travel, tournament, and training. The zippered main pocket has freshPAK endcap and internal valuables pockets. The freshPAK endcap minimizes odor because it has a ventilated pocket.

You can carry this bag without the handles or straps because they are removable. You can also adjust the straps or the handles to fit your preference.

9. Sport Write Pro Soccer Coaching Board

Best Gift For Soccer Coaches

Coaching Boards are very helpful visual aids for soccer coaches. The Sport Write Pro Soccer Coaching Board is one of the best value boards around.

It provides soccer coaches at all levels a visually stimulating magnetic board allowing them to easily present their formation and tactics for the game.

Many coaches enjoy using coaching boards as they are a great communication tool to help players understand tactical aspects of soccer. It is one of the best gifts for soccer coaches.

10. Y8 Pro Max Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The Y8 Pro Max percussion massager is a device used to apply pulses of concentrated pressure into deep tissue muscle to work the tension and knots out of the muscles while quickly enhancing the range of motion and improving blood flow.

When this massage gun is used properly, it can relieve some of the tension, pain, and soreness as well as shorten the recovery time.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is built-in and a full charge can last you up to 24 hours of massage.

The multiple speed levels enable you to meet the different body needs such as massaging the back, arm, neck, and leg muscles.

You can enjoy your massage time comfortably and quietly as it produces only 25dB to 55dB of sound.

11. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS

Another great gift for a soccer coach is the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS. It comes with an optimized UI, 20% more screen area, and 40% thinner borders than Apple Watch Series 6.

This watch is tougher around the clock and durable as it has the most crack-resistant front crystal.

It is IP6X dust-resistant certified and has WR50 water resistance meaning it is swim-proof in the waves or pool.

You can monitor your health by taking an ECG, measuring your blood oxygen level, tracking your sleep, as well as unplugging using the mindfulness app.

The fitness side of the Apple Watch Series 7 is massively motivating as you can track all your workouts and share progress and compete with friends.

It allows you to stay connected by calling or texting without your phone, use Wallet to make payments, and get directions using Maps.

12. Soccer 3D LED Night Light

This Soccer 3D LED Night Lamp is flat and has unique lighting effects that make it an amazing lamp that can be used for home decor.

The touch control allows you to change the colors to suit your preference, it can be changed to green, red, yellow, blue, pink, cyan, or pink. You can gradually change the 7 colors or set it on one fixed color.

This energy-saving LED night lamp has a power spend of 0.012kW.H per 24 hours and its lifespan is 10,00 hours. You can use this lamp in the baby room, bedroom, hotels, cafes, and clubs.

13. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion IV Socks

These Copa Zone Cushion socks have a lightweight construction with a toe-cooling channel that is well ventilated to provide extra breathability for your toes.

The footbed has targeted cushioning to offer maximum comfort and shock absorption to your foot.

The extra compression in the arch and ankle helps to improve stability. You do not have to worry about your feet sweating when wearing these Cushion IV socks because the Adidas ClimaLite technology keeps your feet dry by wicking away the moisture.

14. Adidas Tiro 21 Track Pant

The Adidas Tiro 21 Track pant is a great choice for your workouts because it is well ventilated to give you the comfort that you need when exercising. The waist has an interior drawstring to ensure that the pant has a secure fit.

The zip pockets allow you to keep contents such as phones in place. The tapered fit of these pants means that it is not too loose or too tight on the legs.

The ankle zips enable you to easily pull over the cleats. The mesh inserts and aeroready technology absorb the moisture to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your workout.

15. Adidas Tiro 21 Track Jacket

This full-zip jacket comes with a ribbed collar, waistband, cuffs, and side zip pockets. The aeroready technology offers moisture control by absorbing any excess moisture to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your sessions.

The three stripes on the arm have a mesh overlay to provide a unique color block design. The zip pockets allow you to keep contents such as keys, phones, and earphones in place.

16. Veloce Field Gloves

Veloce field gloves are perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for soccer players who usually play in cold weather as they help keep the hands warm while on the field.

They have lightweight fleece backhand with neoprene grips that help to hold on to the ball.

They feature a vented wrist cuff with hook and loop closure for breathability and a secure fit. They are easy to fasten.

They also have silicone on fingertips for enhanced grip and conductive thumb and index fingertips for convenient touch screen capabilities.

17. Adidas Alpha Skin Hairband

An Adidas alpha skin hairband helps soccer players keep their long hair tamed. It is comfortable, stylish, and soft, making them great to wear while playing.

Its breathable fabric is stretchy and moisture-proof, and you can tie it at the back when playing or watching your soccer match on the field.

The two-layer mesh tie band promotes airflow and wicks away sweat. The Adidas alpha skin headband is a must-have for any soccer player.

It comes in a size that fits any player or athlete and has a center front screen print badge for the sports logo.

18. Adidas Tiro Club Shin Guards

If you want to buy a game-time gift for a friend who is a soccer player, a brand-new pair of Adidas Tiro Club shin guards is a great idea because it boosts confidence and offers protection while on the field.

It is well perforated for increased airflow while minimizing sweat, reducing heat, and providing breathability.

It has EVA backing which absorbs impact and keeps you comfortable. The shin guards have a lightweight shield with an anatomical shape for a sure fit.

The shin guard shell is made of 100% polypropylene. Their hard shields are shaped specially to offer a natural fit and are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

19. Massage Ball

The select massage ball is a great soccer gift idea for coaches and players. It is a simple massage ball that relaxes and gives new energy to stressed areas of the body and feet.

It combines reflexology, massage, and point pressure to help remove the pain in the joints, tendons, and muscles. It is great for rejuvenating between soccer games.

Simply, roll the ball on your body or on the sole of your feet to get the rejuvenation.

20. SKLZ Bag Deodorizer Ball

The SKLZ bag deodorizer is great for keeping your gear bag, gym bag, closets, and lockers smelling fresh.

The scent output is controlled by the quick-twist action that releases a specially formulated clean and fresh scent.

Twist the vents of the bag deodorizer closed when you are not using the deodorizer to preserve its freshness and life. It can last up to 90 days depending on how frequently it is used. It has a circumference of about 8-25 inches.

21. STAT Sports Apex GPS Performance Tracker

This is a nice soccer gift idea to give to a player. The Apex Athlete Series is a revolutionary GPS tracker for ambitious players. It helps the player to understand the stats to improve their game and avoid injuries.

It has 16 key metrics hence, a powerful performance tracker that helps boost the player’s game and improve their performance.

It measures max speed, total distance, heat maps, sprints, and more with FIFA Approved GPS performance tracker.

It helps players compare their performances and see their ranks against the Pro players. The tracker comes as a package with an Apex Vest, GPS performance pod, and Athlete series App.

The world’s best players use STAT sport to measure their performance to become faster, fitter, and get a high-intensity performance.

22. European Style Captain’s Armband

These are perfect soccer gifts for soccer lovers. It has a C initial for the captain and is Velcro adjustable with one size that fits all. Most big European and Premier League clubs use them.

If you are a soccer coach or a player, you want to reward your captain with the armband, it is an essential purchase to harness leadership and team spirit.

23. SKLZ Star-Kick

The SKLZ Star-Kick soccer trainer helps to minimize the time spent chasing the ball. Young players use the SKLZ Star Kick as a training tool for passing, shooting, and receiving the ball. It has a rebound function that helps get more ball touches.

It has neoprene ball glove that is adjustable to accommodate soccer ball sizes ranging from 3, 4, and 5.

The neoprene belt has a loop and hook that fits most players of different sizes. It gets tethered to the player by a high-quality adjustable cord that can stretch up to 18 feet.

It is an ideal gift for field players that need to improve their accuracy and passing control and for goalies to work on their reflexes and punting. It is also portable for training, solo play, and practices.

24. Soccer Flannel Blanket SKOLOO

This blanket is a perfect soccer gift idea for soccer fans and players, especially during winter. It can be used for the couch or as throw blankets to gift during birthdays, Christmas, or any other time.

It is a super-soft double-layer blanket with microfiber on one side. The blanket has a black and white soccer pattern that showcases brightness and beauty. It can be a gift to kids and teens during birthdays or Christmas.

It is a good idea to use it as a throw for your couch where you can snuggle and curl up on your comfortable sofa or chair when reading, working or having a family movie night.

It is a high quality, sturdy arctic fluff blanket that cannot easily fall.

Do not bleach and avoid direct heat on it as well. The blanket is easy to maintain, and machine washing is okay for it.

25. Soccer Balls Stuffed Fluffy

This is a soccer gift idea for your little ones during any occasion and they can enjoy playing with it all the time. It is designed for safe play for kids because they are easy to handle, throw, and catch with their little hands.

This soccer ball is delicate enough for indoor use and durable enough for outdoor use. It can also be used as a pillow because they are soft and fluffy.

It can also be a good idea for sport-themed room decorations and educational purposes. It can withstand wear and tear because it is crafted with premium quality material, and they are easy to clean.

26. Ceramic Soccer Ball Design Coffee Mug

The ceramic design soccer cup can be super gifts for soccer coaches and players. It is hand wash only and FDA approved and holds around 15 ounces.

The mug is stylish with a black and white hand-painted soccer pattern made with high-quality ceramic material. It has a white interior and handles.

It is also glazed over and hand-painted and comes neatly packaged in a gift box for convenience.

27. Sport Squad 40 Inch Tabletop Foosball Table

Perfect Gift For Soccer Lovers

This fast-paced play of foosball helps soccer fans to stay active and spend quality time with their friends and family.

Sport Squad Company brings innovations to indoor and outdoor plays by introducing quality sports, lawn, carnival, and room games to the market.

It can be used during birthday parties or family gatherings. This type of table soccer is fun for all ages. You assemble the foosball players on the rods for a faster table assembly.

Its chrome-plated steel rods are fit for swift shots, and the rubber-grooved handles give a stable and strong grip. It has an MDF design to withstand convenient and competitive play.

28. Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeping Gloves

These Adidas Predator gloves are super gloves from a super brand and a perfect soccer gift idea.

It turns a goalkeeper into a shot-stopping beast that can be worn during training and match times in all conditions, and on all surfaces. The gloves are made of URG 2.0 Latex for cushioning and grip.

The gloves have a Demonskin knit backhand with Protrusions in the punching zone to interact with the surface of the ball to give increased power and control.

A Negative cut is added to give the player’s finger a snug fit. It also has a compressive entry that hugs the goalkeeper’s wrist for a strapless and natural fit.

29. Kwik Goal Soccer Agility Ball

Kwik Goal is a brand that provides a range of solutions for soccer. Their professional-grade products range from games, professional sheltered seating to facilities and training solutions.

This soccer agility ball is good for training to improve foot-eye and hand-eye coordination. It is designed to give irregular and unpredictable bounces.

Made from water-resistant and durable poly-foam and allows for kicks and throws during numerous training sessions.

30. FIFA 22 PlayStation 5

The FIFA 22 PlayStation 5 is one of the best gifts for soccer fans. For every soccer fan FIFA is a must-have.

This PS5 game is up to date and gives the fan the ability to play the game online and manage the team they support as well as play them. 

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