25 Gifts for Softball Players – Softball Gift Ideas (2022)

Choosing the right gifts for softball players can be challenging, but with the options provided in this article, your decision is made easier.

Whether you are looking for softball keepsakes, softball items, or personalized softball gifts, chances are you will find on in this article.

Below is a list of softball gift ideas that you can give to your teammates, family, friends, and fans of the sport:

1. Wilson A2000 Outfield Fastpitch Glove

Editor’s Choice

Wilson A2000 Softball Glove

This is our choice for the best gift ideas for softball players because it is a perfect glove for a ballplayer.

The fastpitch A2000 lineup is designed with a fit system that is customizable to allow every player to wear a glove that fits their hand no matter how tight they wear it.

The premium Pro stock leather breaks in perfectly and provides a superior feel and durability as it lasts for more than one season.

The no-stitch catch zone is created by the D-Fusion pocket pad. This glove has dual welting for a durable pocket.

2. SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Pitching Machine


SKL Softball Toss Pitching Machine

Another softball gift idea for players is the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine as it improves your game by enhancing your defensive and offensive aspects.

This pitching machine is great for pregame work to get in a few cuts or for warm-ups for playing pepper. Focus on catching or hitting and get all the benefits of total training provided by this machine.

This training tool will help you increase your visual acuity and hitting accuracy and improve your hand-eye coordination.

You can use the regulation baseballs to practice ball transfer between the glove and the hand and footwork or for a soft toss. Also, you can use 9” plastic to practice pop-fly.

The unit adjusts for distance and height and serves balls every 8 seconds. This machine allows you to adjust the ball flight angle and the ball throwing distance.

3. Easton Prowess Backpack

Budget Friendly

Easton Softball Backpack

The Easton Prowess Backpack is specifically designed for female athletes as it has unique design elements such as a personal mirror for adjusting your visor, bow, or headband in the dugout as well for applying face products.

It also features shoulder straps and a padded back designed specifically for a female body and two side bat sleeves for keeping two ¼’ softball bats secure.

This Prowess backpack features all the Sport Utility functionality you can expect from Easton including an external buckle and strap for a ball glove or helmet, a custom dual zipper pulls and a fence hook, a front pocket for team embroidery, and a separate vented cleat compartment.

4. Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat

This Fastpitch Softball Bat has a double-barrel construction to provide a combination of sound, pop, and feel. The XTRA Tough Technology offers flexibility, durability, and very low barrel compression.

The 2-piece Connection + technology contains Nitrocell foam that creates a better and lighter feeling connection between the barrel and the handle. The Easton’s Ghost Softball Bat is approved for play on all fields.

5. JUGS A0400 Hitting Tee

Are you looking for an affordable gift for softball players? Look no further because this is the most durable and budget-friendly hitting tee available in the market.

The base of the tee has a 2D barcode that links to a video to highlight the proper way of using the tee for both left and right-handed hitters, baseball and softball drills, and educational tips.

This hitting tee is constructed with 100% rubber that resists wear and tear over time. It is great for baseball or softball players of all skill levels and ages as it is the ultimate practice companion that offers an easy breakdown for versatility and great ease of use.

6. Oakley Encoder Sunglasses

The Encoder Sunglasses offers a modern solution by being multi-purpose sunglasses as it has a revolutionary lens design that provides extended rigidity and wraps in important areas to imitate the structural properties of a frame.

The straight stem temples offer great fitting compatibility with helmets and hats.

The frame is lightweight with no-slip components and the lenses are impact-resistant. These sunglasses can be used for a wide range of activities because of the versatile sports frame.

The unisex design has a medium to large adult fit, helmet, and hat compatibility. It comes with a microfiber bag and a Vault case.

7. PS50 Softball Pitching Machine

JUGS PS50 pitching machine comes with the new digital readout display that allows you to throw at the exact speed that you want, up to 50mph.

Balls thrown by the PS50 are consistent perfect strikes making it the most portable, accurate, and real-ball pitching machine of its kind.

This pitching machine is versatile as it comes with a 12” chute for slowpitch and fastpitch softball and a 9” chute for baseball as well as adjustable legs. This allows pitches to be thrown from a realistic point for the two sports.

8. CamWood Hands & Speed Trainer

CamWood One-Hand Trainers and Training Bats are the easiest and fastest way to teach proper softball and baseball swing.

Heavy bats put all the weight at the end of the bat which can cause the player to cast the bat around the hitting zone or break down their mechanics. However, with CamWood bats, the weight is put down by the hands.

This unique design offers two benefits. First, it helps the player to drive their hand inside the ball and secondly, it helps the player become stronger and develop bat power and speed.

9. JUGS A0600 Soft Toss Machine

The Soft Toss machine is a great gift for softball all players regardless of their ages as it helps in improving their hitting technique and coordination of the eye and hand.

A catch net will help you hit softballs or baseballs for multiple repetitions in a confined area and you will be swinging like a pro in no time.

It tosses the ball continuously and can keeps up to 10 softballs or 14 baseballs. It is rechargeable battery lasts will last you up to 8 hours.

10. Chelsea Charles CC Sport Necklaces

Wearing this minimalist, dainty, lightweight necklace shows your love for the game.

This necklace contains an 8mm sterling silver plated softball charm, Chelsea Charles logo, and a 16’’ chain sterling silver. This is a thoughtful gift for a softball player.

11. Sports Slippers

Softball slipper socks are the ultimate gift to a softball player. The slipper socks are a perfect gift for someone who spends more time on the softball field than any other place.

Softball is a lifestyle, therefore; softball player can show off their softball passion with these comfortable and colorfully designed slipper socks. They are good for relaxing after softball practice.

They are lined with 100% poly Sherpa fleece to give maximum comfort and warmth. They have an extra thick fleece lining that keeps you warm during the winter months.

They also have non-slip grip soles that prevent slipping or sliding. They are designed and sold by ChalkTalk Sports and one size of the slipper socks fits most people.

12. Infinity Collection Softball Bracelet

If you got a holiday, birthday, or any special occasion for that softball player and you think of an inexpensive gift to show your love, the softball bracelet jewelry is a great gift.

It is a perfect charm bracelet that can be worn by softball players to all of their games, as a way of showing off their team spirit togetherness.

The bracelet can be adjusted from 5 inches to 7 inches and has a sturdy adjustable clasp to hold it in place. The bracelet fits most wrists from small to large. It is designed and sold by Sportybell US family-owned business.

13. Softball Stainless Tumbler Insulated

The softball stainless tumbler is the perfect gift idea for softball players. It is vacuum insulated and made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel.

It has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and has a BPA-free lid which makes it safe. It comes with two lids that can be switched, and a Flex Cap fit for hiking and office.

It also has a straw lid suitable for road trips and cycling. It is easy to carry, and you can have it anywhere and in any temperature condition.

14. Softball Necklace

This is the best gift for softball players. The necklace material is a high-quality polished finish. It is stainless steel lead and nickel-free, and it does not rust. The diameter of the pendant is about 25mm.

15. T-Stars Softball Women Hoodies

This is a perfect gift idea for softball women players. It is cozy and comfortable with a front pocket. They are made of quality graphic apparel.

You can wash them using the washing machine. You can gift them to your girlfriend, daughter, friend, sister, niece, mom, or wife. The hoodie is made of 50% polyester and 50% Cotton.

16. Softball Pitcher Pitching Players Socks

These are the best gift ideas for softball players on their birthdays, holidays, anniversary, or any important occasion.

It is geared for the pitchers, and if you have a pitcher in your life; this will be a great idea to give them.

They are made of 77% cotton, 20% polyamide, and 3% Elastane, which makes the socks lightweight, soft, comfortable, stretchy, and breathable.

They do not fade and the words and pictures on them are directly stitched and not iron-on transfer, therefore, won’t peel off.

These socks with the words “I’d rather be pitching” are a good gift that can be worn when going to participate in the pitching game.

They can also be worn on any occasion; at the office, on a date, party, or lounging around in the house. They fit the unisex size and for shoe sizes 4-15.

17. Madsports Softball Headband

These are perfect softball jersey headbands that are designed to stay put and not move around or slip. It is a perfect gift for a softball player. It has moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the player feeling and looking cool.

It has a comfortable fit with 2.5 wide that does not pull or tangle the hair. It comes with the highest quality fabric and soft and non-abrasive threads. These headbands are manufactured in Colorado in the USA.

18. Softball Flannel Blanket

These super soft throw blankets are double layered with microfiber fluff on one side.

One side is yellow, and the other is black to make it cozy, soft, colorful, and beautiful. This softball flannel blanket is among the best gift ideas for softball players.

It can be used to snuggle and curl up on a comfortable chair or couch after spending a long time in the field. It can be used when reading, having a TV night, or watching a family movie.

It is a high-quality sturdy arctic fluff blanket that cannot easily fall. It is easy to maintain and is machine washable. The blanket comes in three sizes for adults, teens, and kids.

19. Knitpopshop Softball Drawstring Halloween Players

These Knitpopshop softball drawstrings are fashion-functional and high-quality printed. Knitpopshop company leads in the production of high-quality sports products.

This softball drawstring can be a back-to-school handbag where one can pack their belongings and show their love for softball. It is a perfect drawstring bag to take to practices or one can go with it to collect the Halloween candies.

20. Softball Travel Eye Mask

Another perfect gift for softball players is this eye mask. They can be used by players when traveling to tournaments. They can use them to finally get a luxurious sleep before a softball practice or game.

This eye mask is a perfect light block out because it let the light fade away when you lay with it over your eyes.

It is a perfect gift to give to your favorite softball player on any important occasion. It comes as a 2-pack; therefore, you can have one for yourself and gift one to your special person.

21. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

The velocity speed gun can be used for many different things. This gun features a large easy-to-read LCD which keeps things simple and easy to use.

You just pull the trigger to get an accurate speed reading within one mile per hour. It helps in improving the game by giving you the data needed.

The velocity speed gun tells the speed of an object within plus or minus one mile per hour. It has a digital signal processing technology. It measures the relative speed of a target when it moves towards or away from the speed gun.

22. Personalized Softball Team Awards

Personalized and customized gifts are good ideas to give to a softball player. Printing their names on the gift item is a great idea.

This will help the player to show off their favorite sport with pride. They can also be customized to match anything around them for example their furniture.

23. Softball Lovers T-shirt

The softball t-shirts are also another softball gift idea. If you know anyone who has a passion for softball, gift them with this softball t-shirt during the softball season.

It can also be a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or every other occasion. The softball t-shirts look fashionable and fun and perfect to wear for the next tournament or the next game.

They are lightweight, classic fit with a double-needle sleeve, and a bottom hem for extra durability. Funny statements can also be written on the softball t-shirts to make them nice.

24. Softball Black & White Glove

The softball glove comes in different sizes; therefore, it’s possible to find the perfect size for the individual to gift.

It has an alternating lace pattern that retains the glove integrity and offers flexibility.

The gloves’ great flexibility is critical in allowing the player to feel comfortable during gameplay. It is durable and ensures the softball glove can last longer.

The softball bat can also be an added gift. There are different quality options of softball bat depending on the age, size of the player. Personalizing these gifts makes them more intimate and lovely.

25. Nike Women Vapor Softball Pants

These are Nike tailored-fitted pants that feature key performances and articulations are made of lightweight knit fabric, which allows the player to make quick changes and bursts and change direction without feeling restricted.

The lightweight fabric also improves thermoregulation. The strategic ventilation behind the knee speeds up the flow of air to help keep the legs cool.

The knee has double layers which is an important reinforcement when doing slides. The forward-facing side seams minimize friction for added comfort.

They are perfect for women softball players. If you have a sister, a friend, or a daughter and you want to gift them, this is the perfect gift idea.

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